Some of the blogs/newsfeeds that I read:


Aaron Johnson [Feed]
Aaron Stebner [Feed]
Ben Mitchell [Feed]
Brad Abrams [Feed]
Chris Sells [Feed]
David Wang [Feed]
Denis Bauer [Feed]
Dominick Baier [Feed]
Eric Sink [Feed]
Eric Wise [Feed]
Fabrice Marguerie [Feed]
Frans Bouma [Feed]
Fritz Onion [Feed]
Hamid Shojaee [Feed]
Ingo Rammer [Feed]
J.D. Meier [Feed]
Jason Zander [Feed]
Jeff Key [Feed]
Joel Spolsky [Feed]
John Battelle [Feed]
Keith Brown [Feed]
Lutz Roeder [Feed]
Maoni [Feed]
Matt Reynolds [Feed]
Michael Willers [Feed]
Mike Downen [Feed]
Mike Gunderloy [Feed]
Peter Norvig [Feed]
Peter Provost [Feed]
Peter Torr [Feed]
Pierre Nallet [Feed]
Pluralsight [Feed]
Raymond Chen [Feed]
Rico Mariani [Feed]
Rob Caron [Feed]
Rob Scoble [Feed]
Rockford Lhotka [Feed]
Roland Weigelt [Feed]
Scott Guthrie [Feed]
Scott Hanselman [Feed]
Scott Mitchell [Feed]
Shawn Farkas [Feed]
Somasegar [Feed]
Suzanne Cook [Feed]
Ted Neward [Feed]
Tess [Feed]
The Daily WTF [Feed]
Wintellect [Feed]

Red Gate Software

Arthur Fuller [Feed]
Bart Read [Feed]
Dan Archer [Feed]
David Connell [Feed]
Dominick Reed [Feed]
Helen Joyce [Feed]
James Moore [Feed]
Phil Factor [Feed]


IE Blog [Feed]
Microsoft Monitor [Feed]
MSDN Just Published [Feed]
MSDN Magazine [Feed]
MSDN Subscriber Downloads [Feed]


Going Underground [Feed]
Google Blog [Feed]
Paul Tyma [Feed]
Rob Cockerham [Feed]
This Is Broken [Feed]
Tim Berners-Lee [Feed]